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Reserved. Sleeping Beauty turquoise and labradorite necklace


*changing length to 24 inches as discussed. * This gorgeous gemstone and turquoise necklace was meticulously handcrafted in my Nashville studio.

I hand selected AA faceted labradorite, AA faceted rainbow moonstone, AA smooth vesuvianite, small baroque pearls, and smooth pyrite, and wrapped each one by hand with recycled sterling silver wire. Two faceted ovals of AAA rainbow moonstone and one AAA oval of kyanite are wrapped in solid 10k yellow gold wire. The resulting ‘chain’ is an intentional symphony of color.

A gorgeous nugget of Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a pendant for your necklace. Six flawless old stock rubies dangle from the base of the turquoise, along with two Herkimer diamond quartz. Perfection.

Turquoise is sacred to American Indians and worn for protection. It’s thought to enhance wisdom, kindness and inner harmony. I spent time each summer in New Mexico as a child and remember being mesmerized by the beautiful color of turquoise against the backdrop of sand and adobe. These stones are magical. The color- joyful.

This piece contains yards and yards of wire. I spent 2 days creating this necklace. A true labor of love.♥️

Measures 28 inches in length.
Pendant is 1.15 inches long.
You will receive the exact necklace shown, as this piece is one of a kind.
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The luxury rotating lobster clasp is sterling silver and latches onto a hand wrapped link.

Enjoy wearing your piece as a single strand necklace, or wrapping it around your wrist four times as a bracelet. So much fun.

One of a kind.

This necklace can be customized or lengthened. Contact me for details.
Handcrafted in Tennessee.
Your purchase will arrive beautifully wrapped.

Original design by Dawanna Young.
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