Born in the Southwest, raised on a farm in the Midwest, now residing in Tennessee, artist Dawanna Young is a gypsy at heart. She feels an innate connection to the colors and textures found in nature and sees inspiration everywhere. Her handmade jewelry collection is created using recycled sterling silver and gold. Each piece features engraved words of love and nature inspired details. Peaces of Indigo offers a collection of heirloom quality jewelry for bohemian souls.

Largely self taught, Peaces of Indigo came into being while day dreaming ways to engrave my favorite words and quotes into silver and gold. I devoured every book on business and art that our public library could get for me, purchased a handful of materials, and never looked back. It's amazing what you can achieve with equal parts hard work and determination. 

All of my precious metals are (and always have been) recycled. I work mostly with fair trade sapphires, Charles and Colvard moissanite, and Canadian diamonds. Sourcing ethical materials is a sort of obsession and is the heart and soul of my jewelry line. The fair trade status of gemstones makes a huge difference in the lives of those involved in producing the gemstones, from mine to my hands. I view the purchase of all materials for my business, whether gemstones or packaging, as a chance for me to support other sustainable and enviromentally conscious businesses. 

My trademarked phrase describes the heart and soul of my jewelry designs:

Crafted with intent, infused with love and made to last. (tm)

Every piece of jewelry is my own design and creation. Every day that I get to spend making beautiful things is a great day. 

I'm a proud member of the MJSA. 

I'm also a Green America certified business. 

When I'm not in the studio, you can usually find me exploring the woods of central Tennessee, or stargazing, or curled up with a book and our lagotto puppy in our cabin, or enjoying a glass of red wine while cooking something from scratch. Most often I'm doing several of these things at the same time.


Making the world a better place is something that is written on my heart. I support the work of Blood:Water Mission. Please google this organization and read about the amazing things that they are doing and ways that you can get involved. I also support Honor the Earth. My Cherokee heritage is something that gives me great pride, so supporting an organization that champions Indigenous issues is very important to me. Oxfam is another organization that does great work and I support their projects whenever I can.

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